About Us

1G Profit System Started Off as a Solution to a Problem.

Way back in the early 2010s, a group of traders was beginning to notice something. As time went on, fewer and fewer of their peers were getting involved with trading. There were progressively fewer people involved in the industry, and they wanted to know why.

After some lengthy discussions over coffee, the answers they got were unanimous. People didn’t have the time to trade. Between working, side hustling, and raising a family, there was no time to dedicate tens of hours every week to making trades.

People barely had time to glance at the economic news, let alone analyze it enough to incorporate it into their trading strategy. The group realized that this presented an opportunity for them. If they could develop a system that cut the time it took to trade down, then logic dictated that more people would start getting involved again.

With that, 1G Profit System was born.

The Creation of 1G Profit System

To cut the time it took to trade down, they needed a way for people to trade in the first place. Naturally, they set to building a trading platform. While each member of the group was an accomplished trader and business-person in their own right, none of them were developers.

As such, they needed to recruit a team. It took a few months to get through all of the candidates, but eventually, a final team was settled upon. With this newfound technical skill now a part of the 1G Profit System team, work on the platform began.

The development team was split up into two different groups. One group focused on the user interface: the other focused on the 1G Profit System trading algorithm.

Developing the 1G Profit System UI

The algorithm team had a lot of theoretical work to do, so while they were putting pen to paper, the UI team began developing the platform.

They followed the design idea that less is more. Most trading platforms up to that point bombarded the user with information as soon as they logged in. Charts, graphs, and numbers were in your face from the get-go, a design choice that they wanted to avoid.

Everything but the essentials was stripped away from the face of the platform. This allowed the team to focus on creating a sleek website that was easy to look at and navigate.

Once that was done, and a prototype was functional, the trading algorithm that the other group have come up with needed to be integrated.

Developing the 1G Profit System Trading Algorithm

While the UI team was focusing on the platform, the algorithm had only one task; create a software that can execute profitable trades.

There had been software created before that attempted to do this same thing. Most of those apps were successful, to a certain extent. However, the algorithms used in them left a lot to be desired. As such, the team decided to try something new. Rather than just focusing on the numbers, they wanted the AI to look at what other traders were doing in real-time.

It took months of mind-numbing work, but eventually, they created a basic system that could read the actions of other traders and adjust the trading formula to those actions.

That basic version was integrated with the prototype of the platform, and the first version of 1G Profit System was born.

The Final Touches

Once the team made sure that everything was working as it should be, all that was left was to tidy the whole system up and give it some upgrades. This didn’t take too long on either end. Some minor optimizations were made, some bugs were fixed, and 1G Profit System was ready to be released.

That brings us up to this point. 1G Profit System is now out there for you to use. It’s been a long and difficult journey for us, but it’s not over yet. We’re dedicated to our goals, so we’re going to continue supporting 1G Profit System for the foreseeable future. We want you to be a part of that future, so head over to our login page to sign up for your account.